About Company Features

Africa Inc. magazine is focused on showcasing some of the most outstanding companies operating in the African continent, be they local growing businesses or multinationals with thousands of employees around the World.

Big or small, we believe that each company has a unique history, a compelling story and achievements that its founders, managers and employees would like to share with the World.

The magazine provides companies with the right platform to highlight an anniversary, a milestone or award; or to inform your current and prospective customers whenever you have new management, policy, strategic plan, markets, products, projects or brands.

Businesses and organisations that are covered in Africa Inc. magazine include:

  • Manufacturing & Retail companies
  • Traders, Exporters, Importers and Distributors
  • Healthcare Organisations including hospitals and associations
  • Hotels, restaurants and cafe; Tourism and related travel sector agents
  • Infrastructure, Construction and related industries
  • Architectural firms, Real Estate companies and investments
  • Financial institutions including banking, insurance, pension funds, private equity and venture capital enterprises etc
  • Government agencies, ministries and parastatals and other public enterprises
  • NGOs and development organisations
  • Educational institutions, consultancy firms and related
  • Aviation, transport, logistics and shipping enterprises
  • Agriculture and Agribusiness enterprises
  • Mining, Energy, Oil and Gas enterprises

With high quality editorials and content that resonate with the industry’s key decision makers from the length and breadth of the continent and industry, Africa Inc. magazine is the ultimate platform to have your brand featured in. 

Company features form the bedrock of Africa Inc. magazine, with a particular focus on businesses and organisations operating in Africa. Company features highlight some of the most outstanding entrepreneurs, founders and managers in Africa’s budding enterprises, big or small.

Company features focus areas

Depending on your company, and the reason why you may want your company featured in this publication, our features cover the following: 

  • Company history, including key milestones as the company grew to its current state
  • Key company statistics: employees, branches/plants, key personnel, financials etc 
  • Industry and market trends that impact the sector
  • Recent projects, achievements, or management or ownership changes 
  • Products and services offered by your company or organisation
  • Market where your products and services are availed, plus marketing activities
  • Human resources management and how people impact your business
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and community initiatives
  • Sustainability essentials of your business or organisation
  • Future plans and prospects of the company and sector 

Our company features are essentially free for companies based in Africa, but provide a great opportunity for your suppliers and partners to place their adverts inside your feature, reaching out to the most critical influencers in the region.

Would you like us to reach out to you to discuss how we can publish your company feature in the next issue of the magazine?

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