Business legal contracts platform Hello Contract launches in South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA – Hello Contract, a startup that provides South Africa’s first fully automated business legal document webshop, has launched giving small and medium sized businesses access to high quality business contracts.

Hello Contract, is a fully automated business legal document webshop, providing business contracts and documents to companies at big discounts, instantly to a user’s inbox.

The platform, which focusses on entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises will bring automated business contracts and documents to these businesses at massive discounts, instantly to a user’s inbox.

Starting out with 28 contracts and documents which cover a large spectrum of those needed by entrepreneurs, Hello Contract will look to actively deploy over 100 automated documents over the coming year. 

The company also aims to educate entrepreneurs through an extensive knowledge library which will let business owners take control of the contracts they use daily.

The startup is co-founded by Kyle Torrington, who also heads up legal-tech startup Legal Legends, which breaks tradition by offering fixed price legal services through an eCommerce website and Vincent Gaemers, a legal-tech consultant from Amsterdam.

“The time is now for South Africa’s contracting landscape to reap the true benefits of the digital age, automating legal documents is a logical step in the right direction. There are fantastic opportunities to provide automated well written contracts, which we really want people to understand,” Torrington said.

“We hope to serve many businesses which would otherwise not be able to afford a lawyer, together with those businesses which are feeling held back in their work due to the large amount of time spent on preparing contracts,” Gaemers said.

Hello Contract is a software platform based in Cape Town and Johannesburg. They believe that they can positively impact the SA economy.

Priced at only R800.00 (US$45.58) per month, one can get unlimited access to all their automated legal contracts and documents as and when they need them, complete with digital document repository.

This price is less than the average cost of two individually purchased Hello Contract documents. All documents are available in fully editable Word and PDF formats.

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