Puttru launches webinar to address investment gap in Africa’s Energy Sector

AFRICA – Nigeria-based business facilitation platform Puttru has launched a webinar to address Africa’s energy sector investment gap which is estimated to be around US$50billion per annum.

According to Puttru, the African continent is a huge reservoir of energy resources, with potentials largely unexploited and many more undiscovered.

Puttru notes that abundant energy resources on the content presents a huge opportunity for private sector investment however, the question ‘how can Africa attract private sector investment into the energy sector?’ remains pertinent.

To answer this question, Puttru is organising a  webinar that will officially launch its digital platform, under the theme “Closing the US$50 Billion Per Annum Investment Gap in Africa’s Energy Sector”.

The webinar to beheld on 29th October, will bring together key voices influencing the energy sector, both from the government and financial institution sides to discuss issues holding the continent back.

The speakers will share their experience in trying out the Puttru digital platform and detail how they see the technology closing the energy sector investment gap in Africa.

Confirmed speakers at the webinar include Mr. Jean-Claude Houssou, Honourable Minister of Energy, Republic of Benin, Mr. Matthew Nkhuwa, Honourable Minister of Energy, Zambia, Dr. Sanusi Ohiare, Executive Director of Rural Electrification Fund (REF), Rural Electrification Agency (REA) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, among others.

Key Issues to be discussed at the Webinar

  • Factors that work well and those that prove to be barriers to attracting private sector investment into the continent’s energy sector
  • What financiers (debt and equity investors) look out for when deciding if to provide debt or equity to state-owned or private-owned energy establishments in Africa.
  • challenges faced in accessing funds for project implementation.
  • How the Puttru Platform (including Puttru’s offline Advisory Services) is best positioned to alleviate barriers to investment in the energy sector.

Puttru says that at the end of the webinar, attendees will have in-depth knowledge of the primary factors that determine if energy companies in Africa will attract investment or not, whether state or private sector owned.

They will also understand the size of debt and equity financing made available by a selected number of financiers for African energy companies, as well as the conditions necessary to access them.

About Puttru

Puttru is a business facilitation online platform that connects African and Global energy companies to financiers from all over the world, by addressing barriers to facilitate the flow of private sector investment across the energy sector.

Attending the Webinar

Registrations to attend this webinar can be done here until 29th of October

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