About Africa Inc. magazine

Africa Inc. magazine is a pan-African premium quarterly publication that targets private sector boardroom and C-level executives, investors, managers; Government & NGO executives; and other stakeholders in the industry, Government and NGO value chains in Africa. 

Through extensive interviews, the magazine  covers extensively the who-and-who of the business space in Africa, with a focus on director or C-Suite level, who chronicle their path to starting their business journey, growing the dream and eventually, how they plan to upscale the business into the future.

The magazine also highlights some of the leading companies in Africa through well-written, high quality special features, that seek to tell the African enterprise story better than any other publication in the Continent. 

The special features and interviews inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and unearth new opportunities for business people across the Continent.

The magazine has incorporated the following inserts:

  • Sustainability Business Africa – which brings into focus the emerging sustainability issue, especially in Africa, where food insecurity, climate change, environmental issues and impact of technology are bound to have the greatest impacts on people in the next decades.
  • DealStreet Africa – which reports some of the most impactful investments in Africa’s burgeoning industry by bigger corporates, private equity funds, venture capital firms and more
  • Africa Inc. Travel – which chronicles some of Africa’s most outstanding destinations for business and leisure, while providing a window into the unique geography, people and business prospects of the Continent.


The readers of Africa Inc. are investors and high profile C-Suite executives and directors with direct responsibility to shape the growth of the industry in the Continent. 

The readers of the magazine and the website share one thing in common: they are key to the defining the strategic directions for their organisations, be they in the private, public or NGO sectors across the region. They are the key decision makers with influence beyond their organisations or industries, impacting the general economy as well.

The magazine targets and is distributed to the following industry sectors into several African countries: 

  • Manufacturing & Retail; 
  • Aviation, Marine, Transport & Logistics; 
  • Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas;
  • Technology, ICT & Media; 
  • Pharmaceutical, Health Care & Personal Care; 
  • Engineering & Infrastructure Development; 
  • Education & Capacity Building; 
  • Real Estate & Construction; 
  • Government, NGOs & Development Organisations Services; 
  • Financial Services; 
  • Agribusiness & Biotechnology; and 
  • Hospitality and other Service sectors. 

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