Bukina Faso cement company Cim Metal Group to establish its subsidiary in Togo

TOGO – Cim Metal Group, a Bukina Faso cement company, has announced through its CEO, the construction of a cement plant in Togo by September 2021.

The project will be led by Cimco (Cimenterie de la Côte Ouest Africaine), the Togolese subsidiary of group, and will mobilize a total investment of 65 billion CFA francs (US$117.77m). The commissioning of the plant should allow the creation of 500 direct and 1000 indirect jobs.

The annual production capacity of the future factory is estimated at 25 million tonnes of cement. According to the director of Cimco Togo, Bassirou Tana, the construction works have a completion rate of around 65%.

For the establishment of Cimco in Togo, the Burkinabé group benefited from a West African Development Bank (BOAD) facility to the tune of 25 billion FCFA (US$35.62m). The long-term facility was recently approved by the bank’s board of directors.

“The targeted goal is to contribute to the satisfaction of cement demand in Togo and the region by taking advantage of the geographic location of the port of Lomé, as well as to contribute to the country’s economic growth by boosting the competitiveness of the industrial sector along with performances of the infrastructure sector,” said the BOAD in a statement.

CimCo is a subsidiary of CimMetal group, with the group planning to invest nearly 100 billion CFA francs (US$181.18m) in its Togolese project. The 2.5Mta plant will be designed and built by Intercem and Gebr Pfeiffer and is expected to become operational in the 1Q21.

CimMetal, which has obtained the green light from the Togolese authorities since the end of 2019 to set up in the capital, has placed its first orders. A first production plant, with a capacity of 2.5 million tonnes per year (tpa), will be set up in the industrial zone of the Port of Lomé by the German Intercem, on the design of its compatriot Gebr Pfeiffer.

After launching CimFaso in 2015, then the Cim Ivoire factory at the beginning of 2019, and starting the work of Cim Mali, Kanazoé Inoussa is preparing to take a new step with CimCo, which marks the regional anchoring of the man of ‘business.

With the realization of this project, a new major challenger enters a Togolese market, until then, dominated by Cimtogo, a subsidiary of the German group Heidelbergcement, the Indian Cement manufacturer West African Cement (WACEM), and the Nigerian giant, Dangoté.

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