Delivery startup Kwik Delivery launches plugins for merchants and eCommerce businesses

NIGERIA – Kwik Delivery, an on-demand delivery startup, has launched Magento Version 1.0 of the Kwik Delivery plugin to allow large and small merchants to offer its just-in-time delivery service to all their customers.

This comes days after it released the version 2.0 of its WooCommerce plugin (version 2.0) for merchants and eCommerce businesses.

“With only a few clicks, merchants and eCommerce businesses can provide quick, efficient, and affordable delivery services to their customers after purchases,” said Romain POIROT-LELLIG, Founder & CEO of Kwik Delivery. “That ease of business and the convenience it affords merchants are what Kwik Delivery brings to the commerce in Africa through this plugin.”

Both plugins were developed to ease the stress/need of constantly arranging for delivery or worrying about on-time delivery once purchases are made. Kwik platform delivers within 2 hours of order placement in Lagos and within 1 hour in Abuja.

This new version of the plugin (both for WooCommerce and for Magento) has two new and exciting features.

It has an Instant Notification feature where merchants can get instant notifications on their dashboards when an order is placed on their websites. This makes it faster to assign orders to a rider.

The Cash on Delivery payment option is for merchants to let customers pay on delivery after purchase. Kwik Delivery would collect the cash on behalf of the merchant and remit within 24 hours.

The Magento version of the Kwik Delivery plugin is a new addition to the growing list of platforms with FREE Kwik Delivery plugin. Other platforms include WordPress/WooCommerce, Shopify and Prestashop.

A good year for Kwik Delivery

In this year alone, Kwik Delivery has made several news with first the announcement of the realization of its Kwik Delivery plugin for Shopify that allows Nigeria-based Shopify merchants to seamlessly integrating Kwik’s groundbreaking last-mile delivery service in February.

In the beginning of March, it has announced the launch of just-in-time delivery service to businesses, government agencies and merchants in Abuja.

In about two weeks ago, it raised US$1.7 million in its pre-Series A financing round, an equity from institutional and high net worth investors.

Kwik Delivery plugin was first released on September 14th, 2020, becoming the first-ever African last-mile WooCommerce delivery plugin.

Kwik Delivery is an on-demand, last-mile delivery platform that connects African businesses to independent delivery riders. Kwik Delivery is the trading name of Africa Delivery Technologies SAS. The mobile app is available on iOS and Android.

Since its launch in 2019, Kwik Delivery has remained committed to fostering commerce across Africa through outstanding delivery technology. Updating the WooCommerce plugin is a show of such commitment and drive for innovation towards enhancing commerce in Africa.

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