Delivery startup Kwik Delivery raises US$1.7m pre-Series A financing round

NIGERIA – Kwik Delivery, a Lagos-based last-mile delivery startup, has raised US$1.7 million in its pre-Series A financing round, an equity from institutional and high net worth investors.

According to its Founder & CEO, Romain Poirot-lellig, the latest funding will be used to grow the company faster and conquer new markets.

Romain believes Kwik Delivery has demonstrated to customers and investors alike its efficiency as well as the relevance of its bold technology-based approach during a most challenging period.

With its latest funding, the company plans to solidify its market in Abuja and also expand into new markets.

It recently launched its last-mile delivery service in Abuja and currently offers 1-hour delivery through its fleet of bike delivery partners. It also provides access to a host of 4-wheel vehicles in the country’s capital.

This was two months after the startup raised US$2 million in fundraising and later announced their intentions to expand outside Lagos.

Launched in 2019, Kwik Delivery is an on-demand, last-mile delivery platform that connects African businesses to independent delivery riders, dubbed Kwiksters.

Kwik Delivery is the trading name of Africa Delivery Technologies SAS.

The company services B2B and B2C deliveries, with parcels varying from pharmaceutical products to spare parts for cars, cosmetics, and food during the lockdown.

Since its launch, the company has grown considerably. The company commenced its truck deliveries arm in November 2020. The following month, it raised $2 million from a combination of Nigerian and international investors.

Kwik Delivery app runs on both iOS and Android and operates across Abuja and Lagos. The company recently expanded its B2B delivery services to 4-wheelers. The French startup has experienced exponential growth in the African market since 2019.

It has also expanded its app-based breakthrough delivery service to 4-wheels delivery vehicles that includes vehicles such as hatchbacks, pick-ups, SUV, vans, and small trucks up to 5 tonnes.

The 4-wheels vehicle can be booked for a same day delivery or for any future date and loaders can be requested as well. Kwik Delivery is vetting the vehicles and drivers and ensures consistent quality of service. It also provides goods in transit insurance.

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