E-Signature startup NGSign raises US$544,000 from investment funds

TUNISIA – NGSign, Tunisia-based startup that facilitates the signing of electronic signatures, has announced it has raised 1.5 million dinars (US$544,000) from institutions and investment funds.

The new funding will allow NGSign to consolidate its positioning in the Tunisian market and to develop to position itself as one of the leaders in electronic trust services in Africa and internationally.

NGSign was founded in 2016 by Khadija Ferjani and Mohamed Ali Tarhouni, making it the first Tunisian online electronic signature platform.

NGSign allows documents to be signed and signed in complete security while guaranteeing the probative value of the signed documents. NGSign also offers advanced management of signature transactions (multiple signatories, multiple documents, multiple roles, etc.) and organizations (users and workflows).

The expertise of the founding team has enabled NGSign to develop a complete suite of trust services solutions including electronic signature (NGSign), Visible Electronic Seal (QRSecure) and management of electronic certificate requests (Remote Trust).

In 2018, Dr. Moez Ben Mbarka joined the team as CEO and expert in electronic signature after an experience of more than 11 years at a European leader in electronic signature and several years as a member of several working groups.

NGSign’s solutions have enabled the adoption of electronic signatures by several public and private organizations, including the first bank and the first insurance company to switch to electronic signature.

NGSign has also successfully exported to Africa since 2017 with several projects to implement eGov solutions and consultancy assignments.

The NGSign platform offers several types of electronic signature and since May 2020 supports TunTrust’s DigiGO certificates. Its solutions are approved by TunTrust the startup’s partner in several national projects.

In June 2020, NGSign signed a partnership agreement with CARTE Assurances Group. This partnership crowned the work that was carried out during the confinement period by the team dedicated to the project.

Placing digitization at the heart of its development strategy, CARTE Assurances is continuing, through the signing of this agreement, its role of modernizing the services offered to policyholders.

It confirms its commitment to establish an ecosystem promoting the use of digital in insurance.

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